Drawing Dance

Watching dance has been a revelation for me and so I decided,  to make it into a project, one that has been ongoing. My first dance experience was the all male Matthew Bourne Swan Lake. Since then I have discovered a favourite choreographer, among others, Jiri Kylian, who makes me laugh when I am drawing which I find unexpected each time it happens. The paintings are recollections of dance that I have seen and drawn to. 

You can read a little about sketches and developments about the dance project on my blog as well as the piece by Nicholas Minns, former dancer for the Louisville Ballet, Atlanta Ballet and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens in Montreal and with whom has given me many insights into both art forms. Nicholas now writes extensively about dance.

It has been a fascinating journey so far...

This body of work was developed specifically for the Parallax Art Fair, September 2012. The paintings and drawings focus on stage and dance memories,  and the show is titled 'Trip the Light Fantastic'. 

Memory Drawing 

Memory Drawing 

Memory drawing after going to see dance at Sadlers Wells for a super night of Jiri Kylian and others

This was written not long after my visit to Sadlers Wells, the next day I did a series of memory drawings. Looking back I still have memories of the dance, it was a mixed bill of choreographers and it was thrilling. Although not the exact clip here is a clip from Sadlers Wells giving a flavour that spurred me to create the drawings.



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