Read more about the paintings on canvas, my inspiration for each piece together with medium and price. Compare with a few others from the series and click to enlarge each piece individually. This particular series consists of large acrylics on canvas. These originals are unique and complete one-offs. Size and medium are given in the Gallery page

Winter Dance

Winter Dance

£1,200 excluding delivery, 2016

Sometimes I feel that paintings are just waiting to emerge and Winter Dance is one of them. I loved painting this, it has such an impact and demands attention with its  many contrasts of light and dark, bits of drawing woven in amongst a tight colour palette and a very strong pose. This painting will look great on any wall but it will need to have its own space..

Showing at Colonnade House - Creative Hub, Worthing and the Brighton Open House 2017




£250 excluding delivery, 2016

This small painting measuring 28 x 19cm is full of longing and emotion, someone caught in a dream. It has some thick textured areas and lots of vibrant brushstrokes. 

A framed piece, with soft white mount and modest black frame.

Showing at the Brighton Open House in May 2017



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