Time for some Inspiration?

Writing on 7th January 2019 and already I have counted four grey days of January. My ability to get out of bed at my normal time in the morning has been abandoned. I guess that I have been hibernating somewhat and even the idea of being inspired has taken a back seat. My studio beckons and one thing is lacking; inspiration. So what is inspiration? What to do when inspiration strikes? Why do artists get all the credit for this topic? Did I miss it suddenly? My 6 top artist tips that may inspire you

Inspiration seems like a distant feeling right now. So to cheer up a grey January are a few of my light-hearted tips to ponder

What is inspiration?

I am guessing that you have your own thoughts with plenty of scientific explanations  on the internet and of course it is always interesting to look them up.

Perhaps you feel suddenly the need to do something? It might be that you feel like Googling an amazing new track on the radio you have just heard?

Feel like rushing to see the latest film when you hear how sad/happy it made your friend feel? 

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Perhaps you have felt inspired for one single moment but not realised it was inspiration? Or a surge of energy and enthusiasm to suddenly do something strikes with no apparent trigger?

It can also be a strong idea that is brand new to you.

What is this feeling?

Feeling on top of the world and inspired today?Perhaps you are having a brilliant day and life is singing along. I love days like this. Happily lots of exciting things come into your head that are new - amazing! They are delicate, precious moments - life is happening! Great, go with it 

But I need to have them - they are new and hard to come by!  Store them!

What to do when inspiration strikes

  1. Have a notebook handy or a sketchbook and a pen. 

  2. Scribble, doodle - anything to be in the moment with your inspirational moment!  

  3. Try singing or dancing, it may be in the kitchen but you are not missing out on that moment - keep it going!  

  4. Don’t ridicule inspiration - it may not come back. Leave the inner critic outside and enjoy the new idea or urge.

  5. Don’t tell anyone else - it always comes out differently

Artists don’t get to have it all

Artists and inspiration - that old duo. Is it an urban myth? If you are ever looking for an inspirational quote then the internet will usually suggest one by an artist

 ’Artists are full of inspiration‘

But are they? Artists work hard,  not seen for months as they are busy creating in their studios. Early on in artists careers the realisation hits them that the livelihood of being an artist depends on inspiration.  So for artists an essential mechanism has to be in place as there are so many other ‘to do lists’  such as completing their tax form.

Someone create an ‘inspirational muscle’ or an app?  

If anyone has this then I want it!

In my experience,  inspiration can be triggered  (see my 6 top tip strategy below)

Can you  command inspiration to appear? That  would be amazing. Artists struggle with it just like everyone else, usually at times when it is most needed. Perhaps a strategy to combat feeling uninspired can help?  Even grab a bit more? Great for  dry times (January for example) 

I was inspired by watching contemporary circus performers  ‘Recirquel’ and created this piece

I was inspired by watching contemporary circus performers ‘Recirquel’ and created this piece

My 6 tips: strategy for inspiration

Feeling particularly uninspired? My 6 emergency strategy tips (feel free replace my destinations with your own)

Do you feel right now particularly uninspired? My 6 emergency strategy tips could help. Of course yours will be very amazing as they are particular to you

  1. a trip to London to see exhibitions  and be wowed by the ‘great artists’ - this is my number one. My dad found this to be one of ‘his inspirational’ activities and he took me. We did trips to  the National Gallery and Tate. Seeing paintings up close is so inspiring it makes me want to paint there and then so I take a sketchbook to draw from the actual paintings. Why not take someone and show them your hobby and interest?

  2. Checking out Pinterest, watching YouTube and dance videos - again I am inspired by others. Such a creative world and how amazing that the internet can help. Get anyone to show you their favourite internet spaces - I was shown Snapchat recently by a lovely teenager friend

  3. Attending a life drawing class and meeting up with fellow artists - back to basics and honing skills always gets me going for ideas for paintings - do something you are familiar with and show your expertise and experience

  4. Watching Duke of York films - this fabulous World Cinema in Brighton has kept me going in films for over 30 years. Creative films that just give so much inspiration condenses everything in a frame (right up my street and essential for planning paintings) - even if films aren’t your thing then its still nice in January

  5. Meditation - 20 minutes every morning and a complete life changer (check out Headspace app) its amazing

  6. Take a walk on the beach or in the woods - getting in amongst trees and being amazed by nature is great at any time of year 

You may have missed it

But a whole day was was devoted

‘National Motivational & Inspiration Day’

was 2 January 

Well it passed me by too and if you were wondering the same about why 2 January has been voted to be an Inspiration day then its because you have another 364 days left! After New Year the thought may not have come into anyones head and everyone missed it - did it really matter?

Leave your ‘inspirational’ comments below I would love to hear them!

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