My 10 Top Tips: Buying Art For Your Living Room

Heres a question I get asked: what sort of painting do I like? Tricky! 

I admire a huge amount of artists, there are the ‘greats’ Picasso and Titian but they are not on my wall. I really admire a few of the artists I know and I have been lucky enough to be able to buy from fellow artists over the years so I am proud to have their work on our walls

Each day I see them I am reminded of them and how amazing they are. I appreciate others creativity and skill.

So, how do you go about choosing a painting for your home space and what would be helpful to know before you set off out to have a look?

Before you go, it may sound strange but do you know what sort of painting you like

What colours? What sort of subject, abstract/figurative/landscape? No idea?

Then Read my tips! 

Always choose the piece you love most

Always choose the piece you love most

My 10 must read tips before buying art for your home

1. Buy what you love. Paintings should never be a 'maybe' and should thrill you every single day. Every time you add a piece of art work either by someone famous, by you or by an artist you really admire you are developing;  your style.

2. Consider your space. Do you have a wall that needs a large painting or could you arrange smaller pieces in a really funky way? What about a contemporary piece for a traditional space and vice versa. It shakes it up and adds visual interest.

3. Don't try to match your art to the room. Instead, contrast and complement the space with art so it works with the room and doesn't get lost. Large paintings do fit into small rooms, they make the room look larger whereas multiple small pieces look group together in a larger room. Borrow a painting for a weekend (I offer this service to clients local to me)

4. Mix high and low. Mix periods and styles. If you don’t feel like you have a style then a painting can often create one! A client of mine bought multiple paintings from me and later explained how they re-decorated for my paintings. I was humbled!

5. Pair your amazing purchase painting with your own drawings or your children’s artwork. Why not mix it up and add a memory photo in a lovely frame from a memorable trip? This looks collected over time and tells a story. Your story.

6. When you place art in your home there is only one opinion that matters: yours. If it's a shocking or edgy image, it will be remembered. 

7. If you see a piece and it's not the right size or colour, ALWAYS ask if the artist can make a custom piece. I have been asked to do this on many occasion

8. Be open to various mediums. Artists make beautiful works beyond oil paintings using some really interesting materials such as gold dust or I have added silver titanium paint to a few paintings.  Why not consider framed works on paper with special ‘museum’ glass which is non reflective? (I offer this at no extra cost)

9. See a painting you really love? But its of your present budget? Check out if the artist does any drawings or prints. I have bought cards from other artists just to remind me how amazing that artist is and put it in a little frame. The dream may be realised one day…..

10. Do your other members of your household see it too before deciding?

What Next? See my next blog post: Where to find your dream artist and painting!

Where would your dream artist and painting be? Would you like to know how to narrow your search online to find out about artists near you that might be a great match? Read in my next blog how to research the artist, get invites to their private views and make contact!

Thanks for reading and please post any comments or share!

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My Next blog post; Where to find your dream artist and painting?