Figures in Motion


My paintings are a culmination of drawing, vision and release. My first 'stage like' paintings resulted from watching contemporary dance and then being inspired to paint after the event in the studio. Reliant on memory and a fresh feeling of movement seen, resulted in a new direction in painting and now form a new body of work that presents a discovered theatrical space. This is an exciting direction for me and I love to build new spaces for my 'remembered dance'. In turn I also I became my own 'choreographer' and placed dancers within their space which in turn created new narratives.

The production of these paintings is a performance in itself. I use fluid acrylic on very wet paper. After deciding on the structure I apply paint and use a water spray keeping everything moving by lifting the board and tilting paint. The dancers are usually placed at a later stage in a similar manner. The transparency and watery effects are intrinsic to my remembered vision of dance. 

’Figures in Motion’ is how I would describe the paintings. This description is a guide for me; it helps me focus on a particular fascination for a very human attribute;  a figure either in complete stillness or implied movement usually through dance.


Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 13.54.02.png

I graduated from Northbrook College in Worthing in 1999 and live in West Sussex. I work as a full time artist and art tutor. My studio is a wonderful quiet space at the end of our garden.

I love to exhibit regularly with Frances in the May Open Houses (nearly 20 years!) and at the Brighton Art Fair. This is our first pop up exhibition together and as well as our popular Prize Draw I am also giving an exclusive offer to my mailing list, sign up here.

We are exhibiting again at Gallery 40 in September 2018