My 'artistic' point of view

As many people are reeling and thinking about the terrible recent terror attacks in the London and Manchester, I have been pondering on how the music industry quickly responds.  Can music still really make any type of difference? Watching the One Love Manchester gig last night made me think that it can, especially when the crowd sang "Don't Look back in Anger' by Oasis. If music is still making a difference then can painting claim a part of that too?

Conveying messages of peace and love through music or through art lies at the heart of our society. In order to be creative, a quiet but focused mind is needed. Inner thoughts and feelings are encouraged to bubble up to be translated into creativity. it is this expression of those feelings that others can relate to through our art and music.  Music is right on the pulse of what happens or so it seems and is more immediate than painting can be.  However, painting leaves a visible legacy.

Urban Warrior was painted just after the Paris attacks. Initially the painting was one I wanted to do as I had seen this image I found it very arresting and wanted to capture it in paint. When I heard about the attacks suddenly the painting had another possible meaning, the timings of the two seemed to coincide and it gave it more relevance for me -  a vulnerable person contemplating the next move with just one small amount of armour to protect.

After the London weekend terror attacks I have been thinking more about how I would actually be able to physically defend myself which I am sure others have been thinking too (I really have no idea).  My 'out of danger' solution will be to continue to nurture creativity, being able to reach into the quiet and focused mind seems more important than ever to me now. 

Urban Warrior has been selected for the Exhibit Here Summer Exhibition, 24 - 28 July at The Menier Gallery, London, email here for an invite to the Private View