Would you buy a painting online?

Would you think of buying a painting online? Perhaps you have looked at websites and considered buying a painting but then stopped there. Over the last couple of years there has been a big surge in sales of online artwork which demonstrates that a lot of people are buying art just as they are buying any other commodity and it is a younger clientele that are doing it.

For a long time I have considered putting prices on my website and now I am finally getting to grips with doing this. There have been some strange reasons why I haven't, such as 'not the done thing', or having gallery representation and the complexities involved (another story) but in the end I now think it is time to be clear about how much I value my work.

Now you can click on my paintings and drawings and read more about them. You can read about my inspiration for each individual piece and what it entailed. All of my work is extremely unique and I love sharing this.  Sharing this way is a more in depth description than a gallery could possibly provide and is also a great way of sharing with clients what my practice is. There is still some work to be done and paintings that still need to be amended which I am working on.

Just a few points: you will see the same prices at an exhibition or gallery. The added bonus now is that you can view even more drawings and paintings that are not shown at galleries or exhibitions (due to space restrictions). I love to give some great discounts to my regular clients and if you haven't joined then do sign up to my mailing list to receive them and other details such as the Monthly Auction. I also offer a monthly plan for buying a larger piece and I can also offer a fantastic professional framing service for any piece you particularly like.  

Detail of Urban Warrior in progress click to read more and see the finished painting

Detail of Urban Warrior in progress click to read more and see the finished painting

I hope you enjoy the new format and that you will return to see how things are progressing. The next coming months I hope to link to the Online Store where you will be able to buy with one click the painting you love.

Thanks and do get in touch to let me know what you think x Jane