Studio Renovations

Not much natural light to use at the moment

Not much natural light to use at the moment

My studio is a place of creativity and quietness. Based at the bottom of the garden and previously an old apple store it is made of wood and has a lovely tall Asian type roof. The gardens in our road were, I think, apple orchards. Designed to keep apples cool it has had a few windows added by the previous owner but they were not designed for painting or photography which is what we now  use it for. 

Having a space to retreat to for both myself and my partner Roy who is a commercial photographer is a real bonus and one of the reasons we bought the house. Spaces such as this come at a premium nowadays. So now we are able to have some alterations done which will include having windows in the north part of the roof installed and doors opening up onto the garden. This will bring in our premium asset - more light. Roy and I are always talking about light, either lack of it or the wrong time - usually when on location shooting. Light plays such an important part especially in the winter and inevitably affects my paintings. 

Having a good friend to do the work and who is sympathetic to how buildings can affect creativity is a huge bonus. It will be very different and I can't wait to see the changes to this lovely space.  So the plan now is to clear the space, get paintings into storage and at the same time decamp into the house to keep painting as I am scheduled to take part in the Brighton Art Fair at the end of September. More development photos and blog posts to follow.

The studio as it is July 2016,  photo Roy Matthews

The studio as it is July 2016, photo Roy Matthews