Art Auction for Charity

Since September I have changed my art auction, now all of the proceeds go to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Amazingly I have reached both targets in under 5 days and am enthused  to carry on raising money for this charity as it is has a personal family connection for me. 

On the way to the target of £3,200


The goal now is £3,200 which buys a light writer, which helps people connect again with their loved ones. It seems like a big sum to reach but I am so amazed at how the auction has gone so far that perhaps it may just be possible.

In conjunction with MND Association, who are love this idea of the auction, I will also be sending out smaller artworks and thank you's with the auction. Help raise another £3,000 by donating whatever you can and if you do please do leave your address in the auction section here I will in return send you a thank you. You are  giving so much to help research this awful disease.

Thank you Jane