After the holidays and Tracey Emin

After a lovely break lounging around, baking, visiting gardens and generally relaxing with some lovely friends its back to work for me. With over a week or so not on the computer it is strange but lovely to return to my images and the preparations for the art fair in September. 

Tracey Emin recently pointed out that being an artist every day  is not all about "making art" as people might think. The fascinating TV programme 'What Do Artists Do all Day" features her as one of the artists that showcase their daily lives.

Tracey Emin, our much talked about UK female artist, has an art company with four floors of people working with her creativing a multi million pound industry.  So whats to complain about? She has "made" it to the top so could relax and do exactly as she wants to now surely?

Interestingly she pointed out 'before being able to get creative and produce work, she still has to meet the accountant, arrange for all sorts of meetings and manage social media with the "creative" time somehow slotted in."  She went on to say how she often feels very creative but has to get these things done - and it is a tricky balance.

Whilst watching the programme it struck me that perhaps she had it easy, after all most artists don't have an entire company to wait on them, most artists are 'one man bands'. But then I thought of the scale of Tracey Emin and how her work is not only international it is completely different - its global and in addition to that a very male artistic global world. 

So back to my smaller art world and a snapshot of my social media department. I was inspired to do them after discovering a new design programme and thought it would ease me back into being creative as well as getting my publicity out there on all of the social media sites I have to manage. I will settle into the studio for my creative time tomorrow.

So if you are reading this and want to be part of my mini company  I will be eternally grateful if you Tweet, Post on Facebook, Forward on or share in any way you can - word of mouth even! After all it seems like you have a new post, you are in my global company..... thank you.