Auctions 2014

Welcome back to the Monthly Art Auction. Paintings and drawings in each auction are as listed, some may have a slight defect, most have not. Jane needs the space and so this is why some paintings appear in the auction, it is a real chance to pick up a painting, drawing or print at a fraction of the price normally shown in exhibitions or at a gallery.

You can view previous auctions below, some have sold others have not. If you would like to make an offer on the unsold ones please complete the Art Auction form below stating the name of the piece and your price.

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"Agapanthus" framed print, February Auction

The first auction of 2015!

A framed print of 'Agapanthus', this was one of my early paintings and this is a print made from the oil. It has been a best seller at the Brighton Open Houses over the years and just needs a home (our wall spaces are diminishing!). No flaws or problems with the artwork



High quality print on German Etching paper

Framed in narrow black wooden frame total size 42 x 32cm (with glass)

Actual Print size 20 x 14cm

Signedbottom left hand corner

This framed print will need to be collected or, alternatively, 'safe glass' can be ordered (small extra charge for this) and the item can be posted.




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Complete the form and it will be sent by email to Jane. She will acknowledge your bid. Please note that nearer the deadline you may have to allow for email delivery time, so don't leave it too late, you can even enter the time you place you bid!

The highest bidder wins at the close of play and will be notified further about payment and delivery etc. Good luck!

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Delivery and payment


On completing your bid, all transactions will be done by email and you will be asked to do a bank transfer for the full amount.

Please note: if you are able to collect the winning purchase from Jane then that would be ideal, if you wish for it to be posted then postage and packing rates will apply and you will be informed prior to payment.