Toulouse Lautrec Drawing Night

I look forward to the Brighton Draw events, they are so well organised and such a great bunch of people. It seems they are able to run off all manner of elaborate and intricate costumes, match hair and make-up and present the most interesting of poses for any length of time and all of that more than once a month too. So last night it was the theme of 'Toulouse Lautrec'.

All of this has not gone unnoticed in Brighton, news travels on the art network and so they get a great artistic crowd in even when it is 'wall-to-wall' rain outside on a Monday night. My only problem is that it all whizzes by so quickly and before I could raise an absinthe glass, it was back on the train home again. Ah well, I will have to wait until the next :)





This is also the 2nd time-lapse video I have created. It is fun but quite a learning curve but I love the results. Just working to get it a little longer each time. Please feel free to comment or share.

Source: ToulouseLautrec