A big thanks to lots of my mailing list, friends and students for popping along to see me at the Brighton Art Fair. It makes a huge difference when I meet people and talk to them about my paintings, I spend a lot of time in the studio so it is a real treat to talk all about painting. This year I had some super feedback about the work, it was the very first time that the paintings had been shown and my nerves were quite wobbly at the private view! This was quickly replaced with a 'phew' which made me feel as if I was back on track. Three days of long days, heat from lights and lots of talking can take its toll, especially with a sprained ankle!

For dropping by at the art fair

Getting to art fairs and exhibitions early can be a good thing if you are looking for a 'statement' piece for a wall. My two paintings were sold early on in the show and inevitably people commented on the fact that they didn't get there early enough.

So now I am finally getting back to my studio next week, reviewing my next set of drawings and generally having a rest, or so I hope!